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Is Cardano the Most Used Protocol in 5 years? – The Future of ADA

Can Cardano actually outperform competitors like Ethereum and Solana and become the most used network in the future?

Cardano is a blockchain protocol, which is considered one of the favorites of crypto retail investors. The cryptocurrency has an extremely enthusiastic fan base and the team behind the blockchain is praised for their calm and excellent work. But can Cardano actually outperform competitors like Ethereum and Solana and become the most used network in the future? In this article, we tackle the question of whether Cardano can become the most used protocol on the crypto market in 5 years.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a blockchain protocol that uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and is considered one of the most efficient networks on the market . Cardano relies on a continuous and long-term strategy of further development. Cardano’s network token is the ADA.

Cardano has existed since 2017 and has been one of the most successful and well-known cryptocurrencies on the market for years. In 2021, smart contracts were implemented at Cardano. ADA experienced a massive price increase. The development of Cardano proceeds in different phases. We are currently working on increasing the scalability of Cardano.

How much potential does Cardano have in the future?

In the future, Cardano may become the most used protocol in the crypto market. It is not for nothing that Cardano was nicknamed the Ethereum killer. The network is characterized by a combination of security, scalability, and decentralization. Above all, Cardano uses a scientific approach for further development.

Due to the evidence-based further development in phases, Cardano should continue to be one of the technically best blockchains on the market in the next few years. With every step, Cardano should gain an advantage over other blockchains. The next step, Basho, is to massively increase the scalability of the blockchain.

Cardano is set to become the fastest blockchain on the market. Supposedly, up to 100,000 transactions per second will soon be possible. This would give Cardano an extreme boost as a network and make it one, if not the most popular blockchain.

Can Cardano replace Ethereum?

Ethereum continues to be the leader in dApps, including DeFi and NFTs. The Ethereum blockchain was the first blockchain to use smart contracts and has therefore built up an extremely large ecosystem in recent years. But Ethereum struggles with transaction speed issues and high gas fees.

Cardano works much more efficiently as a network than Ethereum and has extremely high security. The technical superiority and the good future prospects make many analysts claim that Cardano could actually replace Ethereum in the next few years. To do this, however, significantly more applications would have to be built on the Cardano blockchain in the future. The difference in network size between Ethereum and Cardano continues to be huge.

Where will Cardano be in 5 years?

In 2022, the next phase of Cardano development has begun. Increasing scalability in the basho development phase should be a move that could see Cardano explode in the coming months and years.

Blockchains Solana and Avalanche saw a massive rise in 2021. Because these blockchains have a distinct advantage over Cardano, Ethereum, and other blockchains. They are extremely highly scalable. This places Solana in the top 10 and Avalanche just outside the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies.

If Cardano massively improves its scalability and continues to excel in areas like decentralization and security, it could be the most complete blockchain out there. This is why Cardano’s long-term potential is so huge. If further development proceeds as planned, the Cardano network could explode and even come close to Ethereum in 5 years.

What are the risks with Cardano?

For a long time, the further development of Cardano was considered too slow and academic. The use case was missing. Meanwhile, Ethereum has massively expanded its ecosystem and is the basis of DeFi and NFTs, both areas have experienced massive hype in the last 2 years and are extremely growing. 

Cardano took an important step in the right direction with the introduction of smart contracts in 2021. Since then, the number of transactions running on the Cardano blockchain has increased massively. This lays the foundation for Cardano to dominate in the future.

However, Cardano must first prove that it can ever reach the size of Ethereum. The network needs to show that development is progressing at a certain speed and that Cardano can become the best option for dApps. Ethereum, for example, can massively increase its scalability with its update to Ethereum 2.0.

What price can ADA reach?

The ADA token has seen a massive drop over the past few months. The reason for this was the bear market, which caused the prices of cryptocurrencies to fall. This was also the case with Cardano (ADA). The rate fell from $3 in November to below $0.44 in June. In the last few weeks, the price has increased to over $0.50. 

Many analysts believe that Cardano has the potential for a price above $10 in the future. To do this, however, Cardano would have to grow massively in the next few years and also catch up with Ethereum in terms of size and importance.

Is it worth investing in Cardano for the future?

An investment in Cardano (ADA) is recommended right now, as the potential is huge, but the price is still very low due to the bear market. Should Cardano develop according to the ideas of the optimists, there could be a huge opportunity for an investment in the ADA token. In the next bull market, we could very easily see an extreme price increase. 

Source: Altcoin


Ethereum Price Prediction – Will Ether Price Increase in October 2022?

October is known to be a green month for cryptos. Will Ether price increase in October 2022? Let’s assess in this Ethereum price prediction.

Ethereum has been on a downtrend ever since reaching its all-time high price of $4,850 back in November 2021. In fact, most cryptocurrencies reached their all-time high prices during that same period. However, prices started to dump right after. The month of October has been known to be a green month for cryptocurrencies. Will Ether price increase in October 2022? Let’s assess in this Ethereum price prediction article.

Ethereum Price on a Steady Downtrend?

In figure 1 below, we can clearly see how Ether prices started to crash in November 2022. A descending triangle recently formed with the 2 support prices of $1,250 and $1,000. However, other important price areas showed along the downtrend which is the $2,500 and $2,000 price marks. Those prices would be the clear targets for Ether once the trend goes back to being bullish.

Why is Ethereum Down?

Well, the short answer would be that the entire crypto market is down. Most cryptocurrencies are still following the general trend of the market, specifically Bitcoin. The latter still has a significant 40% dominance over the cryptocurrency market. Now the second natural question poses: Why is the crypto market down?

There are many reasons why the market is currently down. Heck, even the equity market is down. If you check out Facebook’s price in the last year, you would see that FB shares are down by more than 65%. Ethereum is down by around 70% in the past year, mostly due to the following macro reasons:

  • The crypto market was due to an adjustment after a strong bullrun that lasted 2 years
  • Inflation is at an all-time high in many countries, which makes investors get away from risky investments
  • The war in Ukraine is creating a lot of tension in the EU region, which also reduces risk appetites, especially in volatile and risky investment vehicles

Will Ether Price INCREASE in October 2022?

In figure 2 below, we show the monthly returns in the cryptocurrency market by month. The month of October is looking good for the crypto market, especially since the previous months of that same year were not positive. If October turns out to be a positive month, Ethereum price is set for a good comeback, especially post its Merge.

Ethereum Price Prediction – Where will Ethereum price reach in October 2022?

If October turns out bullish for the crypto market, Ethereum is set to break the descending triangle higher. This means that the next target for Ethereum are as follows:

  • First target: $1,600
  • Second target: $1,800
  • Third target: $2,000
  • Fourth target: $2,500

The third and fourth targets are not expected to be reached anytime before the year 2023. However, the first two targets should be attainable. Of course, this all depends on the general sentiment in the crypto market and how the macro economical situation develops. If cryptos continue to crash, Ethereum price is set to break the lower descending triangle delimited by a price of $1,000 and reach $800 before 2023.

Source: Altcoin

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