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Visit CryptoTicker Offices in The Sandbox Metaverse! Here’s How…

In this article, you’ll learn how to enter our Metaverse and play our CryptoTicker game. You can also participate in our Christmas giveaway.

Cryptoticker built its own Experience in The Sandbox. Today, users can visit our virtual office and complete 16 quests, including rescuing Santa. In this article, you’ll learn how to enter our Metaverse and play our CryptoTicker game. You’ll also be able to participate in our Christmas giveaway and win free gift, courtesy of CryptoTicker

How to play CrypToticker Game on The Sandbox

  1. Download  Maker

2. Open Game Maker and create a The Sandbox account (if you already have an account, you can log in directly)

3. Login with your user data. Now you see the following:

4. Click on the “Drafts Gallery” button and then on the “Featured Experiences”

5. Now you can click on “Cryptoticker World” and start playing

How to WIN the CryptoTicker x Sandbox Game

The map consists of 5 compartments that you can explore:

Spread across the map, you can talk to different characters and unlock a total of 16 different quests. Only one main quest is required to successfully complete the Cryptoticker Experience. You unlock this by speaking to the receptionist at the entrance. If you have done this, you will receive the quest “Collect Three Bells”. This is by far the longest quest, while the other 15 missions can be considered side quests.

Complete the “Collect Three Bells” Quest

To complete the main quest, you need to find a total of 3 different bells on the map. You get the yellow bell by completing the Jump n Run in the Gaming Area. You unlock this by talking to the “Game Master”.

To find the second bell, you also have to complete a jump n run. Run to the Education Area and talk to the astronaut. This will now give you the quest “Observatory Climb” and you can do the parkour to the observatory. The start is in a gray building next to the Christmas market. Once you have reached the observatory you will receive the blue bell.

To find the third bell, you must complete several quests:

  1. Talk to the elf who is to the right of the reception desk
  2. After speaking to the elf, you will unlock the Winter is Coming quest
  3. Collect all 6 presents at the Christmas market
  4. Talk to the elf next to the throne in the Christmas market
  5. Now you’ll unlock the quest “Find Santa”.
  6. Talk to the elf next to the conservatory and equip the candy cane as a weapon
  7. Fight your way to Santa and defeat the beavers
  8. After rescuing Santa you will unlock the Meet Santa quest and you can now meet Santa at his throne in the Christmas Market
  9. Santa now gives you the quest “Christmas Spirit” and you have to distribute all 8 collected gifts to the visitors
  10. Once you have done this, you can talk to Santa again and you will receive the red bell

Once you have collected all 3 bells, you can return to the receptionist. Important: Once you have spoken to the receptionist, the Cryptoticker x The Sandbox Experience will be successfully completed. If you want to complete all quests, you must do them first before you speak to the receptionist.

Cryptoticker x The Sandbox Christmas Giveaway!

At Christmas, we are again organizing a giveaway with various prizes. Here’s how you can participate in this exciting giveaway, for free:

  1. Join our 
  2. Play our The Sandbox Experience and complete it successfully
  3. Then post a screenshot of your victory screen in the #christmas-giveaway channel (you can find it in the free section)
  4. The giveaway ends on December 27th at 7 pm
  5. After that, the winners will be drawn and the prizes will be distributed

Source: metaverse Archives - CryptoTicker


Breaking News: Yuga Labs Founder Steps Down for Health Reasons

NFT Entrepreneur and Yuga Labs founder Wylie Aronow, creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, Takes Time Off for Health.

NFT Entrepreneur and Yuga Labs founder Wylie Aronow, creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, Takes Time Off for Health after CHF Diagnosis.

Yuga Labs Founder Steps Down 

Wylie Aronow, one of the co-founders of Yuga Labs, recently announced that he will be taking a leave of absence from the company due to health reasons. In a tweet, he shared that he had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Aronow, who is also known by his pseudonym Gordon Goner, stated that the symptoms started last year and that he had delayed seeking medical attention so he could continue working. However, after undergoing testing, his doctor advised him to make significant changes to his lifestyle.

Aronow announced his departure from his role at Yuga Labs to focus on his health. In a statement, he stated that he would be taking a leave of absence to prioritize his well-being. Although he will no longer have a full-time position at the company, Aronow will continue to serve as a Board Member and Strategic Advisor, though the extent of his involvement in these capacities was not specified.

In a tweet, Aronow explained his departure. He stated that his chronic illness consumed most of his twenties and that he overexerted himself at Yuga Labs, working 12 hours daily. He regrets not finding balance, despite advice from those around him. Aronow’s priority now is to seek medical treatment and focus on healing.

Yuga Labs, with Aronow, gained recognition in early 2021. Aronow and co-founders Greg Solano (Gargamel), Zeshan (Sass), and Kerem (Tomato Ketchup) launched the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection on April 23, 2021. The collection became a massive success. Although the NFTs were initially priced at .08 ETH per ape (around $190), they soon sold for over $100,000 on secondary markets.

Wylie remains a board member and advisor at Yuga Labs. In a Twitter thread, he expressed his confidence in Yuga’s future and the leadership of @cryptogarga. The addition of Daniel Alegre, soon-to-be former President and COO of Activision, further strengthens his positive outlook. Wylie also has a bright future ahead for his brand.

Source: Altcoin

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